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Make Sense Medical Services Include:

• Initial telephone consultation

• In-home assessment for safety and aftercare

• Initial client comprehensive history and physical

• Pre-qualification for placement or home care assistance

• Medical chart review, hospital follow-up, physician consultation per
   client request

• Consult with other experts when necessary for followup, placement
   issues, nutritional services, infectious disease management, and
   caretaker respite

• Psychological support for caretakers and loved ones

• Follow-up whenever necessary

This list is not all-inclusive. Please contact us for more information.

A Personal Guide and Advocate Acts to:

• Prevent unnecessary in-hospital testing, procedures and surgery.

• Limit or prevent lengthy hospital stays.

• Keep the patient informed of all changes and explaining in plain terms
   what is to be expected and/or what has happened.

• Demystify and reduce anxiety out of experiencing illness.

• Explain what’s happening so that client is truly informed of risks and
   benefits of procedures, medications, tests and surgeries.

• Explain available options and help to negotiate those options according
   to the patient/client’s desires.